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Due to habitat destruction and poaching, there are estimated to be fewer than 400 Sumatran Tigers left in the wild.

How can you help Perth Zoo save the Sumatran Tiger?

At least 30 Sumatran Tigers are known to roam Bukit Tigapuluh in Sumatra, an eco-system Perth Zoo helps protect via a partnership with Frankfurt Zoological Society (FZS).  By protecting their habitat, together we can safeguard this important population from becoming extinct.

Some of the work we have supported over the years includes Wildlife Protection Units. Information gathered by constant monitoring has helped to manage Bukit Tigapuluh’s animals and environment, protecting the animals from poachers and other illegal activity.

Fighting the Illegal Wildlife Trade

Perth Zoo also partners with TRAFFIC who are currently addressing a distinct lack of understanding on organized crime in Sumatra. In recent years there has been an increased poaching threat to tigers driven by unprecedented prices being paid for their body parts.

Regular threat assessments are produced to provide understanding of the current situation, shared with enforcement agencies (national & regional). The more we know, the more equipped we are to help fight the illegal wildlife trade.

What Does My Donation Go Towards?

One hundred percent of your tax deductible donation will help protect wildlife as Perth Zoo covers all donation administration costs. 

Through our conservation partnership with FZS and TRAFFIC we support several projects and species most in need of our help.

Learn more about Sumatran Tigers here.

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