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What could your team accomplish if they operated as cooperatively as a mob of meerkats? Or a pack of primates negotiating the complexities of the jungle!

Perth Zoo puts a creative and memorable spin on traditional team-building activities as well as unforgettable animal encounters that will forge effective communication within your organisation and encourage teamwork. Here are some of the team-building activities your organisation could be part of at Perth Zoo.

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A group at Perth Zoo completing the Zoo Tycoons team building challenge.
Zoo Tycoons

Beat the ticking timer as you travel across Africa, Asia, Australia and Amazonia – the various parts of Perth Zoo – to be the first to complete the trail.

A group participating in Zoomazing Race team building challenge at Perth Zoo
Zoomazing Race

It’s tribe-against-tribe in this adventure to the furthest reaches of Perth Zoo. Be the first to unlock the Zoomazing clues that will lead you to your next checkpoint.

A group at Perth Zoo participating in Packs, Prides & Team Players team building.
Packs, Prides & Team Players

We are entrusting you with the survival of an entire species! Teams will face a series of games and challenges that require communication and collaboration. 

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