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Rescues occur in many places. Occasionally, they even occur at the Zoo itself, when we treat an animal with a life-threatening rare disease or infection.

You may remember that in 2018 we detected thyroid cancer in our much-loved tiger, Jaya.
Thankfully, we removed the tumour before it could spread. The loss of Jaya would have been devastating for all of us, and for the Sumatran Tiger population more generally with only 400 remaining in the wild.
Our diagnosis of Jaya’s cancer would have been impossible without a specialised ultrasound machine engineered specifically for use in a vet hospital like ours.

Here at the Zoo, we don’t use ultrasound only for diagnosing and treating rare diseases. It’s versatile enough to use in health checks for all the animals in our care.

This technology can even be used to penetrate and image species with scales, spines or very thick skin. For example, we’ve used it to examine and treat our stately rhinoceros, Memphis, when we noticed he was limping. And he’s massive – as big as a ute and heavier, with skin that’s two inches thick!
Please help replace a vital piece of vet equipment today! !

We’ve also used it to investigate the reproductive health of our critically endangered Western Ground Parrots, as well as to monitor and support the pregnancies of endangered gibbons and Western Swamp Tortoises. It has an important role in combatting extinction.
We use ultrasound to assess wild black cockatoos who have been bought to our hospital after being hit by cars. We’ve also used it to detect foreign bodies, like fishing hooks, inside rescued sea turtles.
And we also use ultrasound to monitor the cardiac health of our older animals to ensure they receive therapies to best manage their health and welfare in their twilight years.
Sadly, however, this workhorse of a machine is on its last legs. To continue providing the level of care that our animals deserve, we urgently need to procure the next generation of this equipment. The cost of a new machine is $200,000.
We believe that with the support of friends like you, we can make this purchase immediately. If only half of the Zoo's friends contributed, we could easily order the new ultrasound machine tomorrow.
Can you please help by making your gift today?
It takes tools to rescue, treat and care for all creatures great or small, and the ultrasound machine is one of the most important tools we have.
Without it, Jaya would not be with us today, Memphis may still be limping, and our endangered species breeding programs would be struggling to make a difference.
Thank you for considering our urgent request.  
By donating today, we will be one step closer to purchasing this vital piece of equipment that helps save animals.
Please donate today!
Donations $2 and more are 100% tax deductable and will receive a tax receipt once payment is processed. 
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