Welcome to Perth Zoo

There are a couple of things that will help make your day as easy and comfortable as possible.


Some of our exhibits are indoors but the great majority of your day will be spent outdoors. For that reason, we recommend that you dress/prepare for the weather as forecast. Zoonique sells budget souvenir rain-ponchos as well as sun hats and sunglasses if you get caught short. The Information Hub provides (fundraising) sun-screen at 20c per squirt.


Capture your fabulous Zoo visit on film. You are welcome to share appropriate photos or video that you take in visitor areas on social media, and don’t forget to tag Perth Zoo.  But remember it is against the law to use the images commercially or for personal gain.


We welcome your prams, strollers, wheelchairs, ‘gophers’ or other essential mobility devices. You can hire pull-along wagons or loan a wheelchair from the Zoo entrance to help move your family around the Zoo. Please do not bring skateboards, roller-blades/skates, scooters, bicycles or other non-essential mobility devices; these will be confiscated and held for you on exit.

Alcohol & beverages

Perth Zoo is a family venue and so alcohol consumption is not permitted in the general Zoo grounds. Responsible amounts of alcohol may be consumed in the licensed area of the café provided it is consumed with a meal. Park Management Officers may monitor your consumption and act in accordance with their responsibilities under the Zoological Parks Authority Regulations 2002. Penalties apply.

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