Welcome to Perth Zoo

We’ve got you covered these holidays with our wildly popular programs designed especially for OSH Club and Vacation Care groups. Animal themed, suitable for mixed ages, book into a program or do-it-yourself!

Hop into Perth Zoo this April and discover all the different ways that animals move and explore their homes.
Which animal is the longest leaper? Who is has the best sense of smell? Which amazing animal has the longest tongue?  

The ‘Movers and Shakers’ experience includes the following:

  • Zoo entry
  • A 30-minute interactive performance in the Zoo Theatre
  • Participation in Zoo Games on the Main Lawn
Cost: $14 pp and bookings are essential.

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Do Your Part

Saving Wildlife doesn’t have to mean volunteering in a sanctuary or heading out on an anti-poaching patrol or auditing penguins on an ice-flow…or even running a zoo! There is no shortage of things you can do every single day from your living room, car or phone to help make a difference.

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Animal Adoptions

Annual animal adoption is a fun and rewarding way to support Perth Zoo’s vital breeding and conservation programs, while creating a lifetime connection with your favourite species!

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