Welcome to Perth Zoo

There is a reason this experience books out quickly, every single year.

Thanks to regular, reward-based training and the beautiful trust relationship between elephant and keeper, Tricia or Permai can meet you face-to-face with no barriers at all.

Offering fantastic photo opportunities and a private keeper-talk, Perth is the only zoo in Australia where you can pat the leathery, prickly warmness of their hide or feel the supple softness of their trunk-tip as you slip them a snack. Inspiring, informative and interactive, this is the perfect gift for someone who collects experiences in their life.

This is a highly exclusive experience with limited availability.

45 minutes
Entry Fee
Not Included
Maximum Group Size
12 people
Minimum Age
12 years
Important information
All children aged 12-15 must have an encounter ticket and be accompanied by an adult encounter ticket holder (16+).

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