Welcome to Perth Zoo

School holiday program for Pre-Primary to Year 3. Calling all animal loving kids in Pre-Primary to Year 3! Join us for a zooper day at the Zoo these school holidays.

All animals are amazing and need to be loved and cared for.
Each Keeper Kids day has a different theme but all include opportunities to:

  • learn how we look after Zoo animals
  • help us to care for Zoo animals by participating in some exciting keeper duties
  • explore the Zoo with our staff
  • meet some of our most treasured animals
  • play games
  • make a craft to take home
  • learn how you can make your garden more fauna friendly

Please note: specific animal encounters cannot be confirmed at the time of booking as they are subject to change. We encourage parents to take the opportunity to drop-off their children at this program, and those who purchase an entry ticket can then explore the Zoo.

Please check the date of your booking!

These sessions sell out fast and the next available date may be the following holidays.

Tall’n’Small -          8,15, 22 January 2024
                                 8 April 2024
                                 1, 8 July 2024
                                 30 September 2024
Animals come in all sizes! Some animals can reach the tallest trees and some never move from the leaves they scuttle through on the forest floor.  Join us to find out who is the zoo’s biggest, smallest, longest and tallest! 

Scratch’n’Sniff -     9, 16, 23 January 2024
                                  2, 9 April 2024
                                  2, 9 July 2024
                                  24 September, 1 October 2024
Smell is an important way that animals find food as well as communicate and just like humans, some smells are preferred over others! Learn about the smells Zoo animals love and how the keepers use smell to enrich the animals’ lives.

Roar’n’Snore -       10, 17, 24 January 2024
                                 3, 10 April 2024
                                 3, 10 July 2024
                                 25 September, 2 October 2024
Animals make a range of noises to communicate and love to sleep in a variety of comfortable and not so comfortable places! Can you recognise who sleeps where and what animal makes that noise?

Jump’n’Swing -      11, 18, 25 January 2024
                                  4, 11 April 2024
                                  4, 11 July 2024
                                  26 September, 3 October 2024
Some animals swim, some fly, some jump and some swing. Moving around is important to stay healthy, find food and avoid being eaten. Learn all about how the smallest and the biggest animals get around.

Puggles’n’Pups -    12, 19 January 2024
                                  5, 12 April 2024
                                  5, 12 July 2024
                                  27 September, 4 October 2024
Baby animals are the cutest but not all of them look like the animals they grow up to be! Which animal has a baby called a puggle? Which animals have babies called pups? Find out all about how we care for animal babies and the animals they become.

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+ Can I change the date of my booking?

+ Is there a waitlist for fully booked sessions?

+ My child can no longer attend, can I get a refund?

+ What does my child need to bring?

Book Now $89.00/person
Upcoming Dates and Times
Tuesday 24 September Wednesday 25 September See more available times
9:30am - 3:30pm (6 hours)
Entry Fee
Maximum Group Size
18 people
Important information
Kids only program, suitable for students in Pre-primary to Year 3. For the January school holidays, the year level relates to the school year your child is about to commence.

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