Welcome to Perth Zoo

Bring your team on an expedition through the Zoo to explore a world full of animals. It's a race against time as you decode hidden messages and accrue as many gems as you can to win the quest. 

Zoo Quest will pit teams against each other in a race against time to collect gems and use clues to find answers that will widen your understanding of the animal kingdom while assisting you to be the best team and the overall winners in your workplace. 

You mission will be to use the tools in your Quest pack to decipher codes and venture to the animals in search of answers that will lead to the next clue. Will your team beat the ticking timer? Through this organised expedition across the Zoo, teams are encouraged to think about what good teamwork is, their individual skills and how their own teams work. It is a fun way to enjoy the Zoo’s expansive grounds with purpose and a touch of team competitiveness. 

So put your people in teams (or we can) and come along if you are game to seek out fun and adventure Zoo Quest style! 

In Short

Works best: As a brain-break in a full day of corporate training/conferencing, or a good reason to see the Zoo.

Team Size: Minimum of 10 people

Boost: Initiative utilisation, strategic thinking, effective communication and teamwork

Bonus: Learn about Zoo facts and conservation

Time Required: 1.5 hours

Cost: $75 per person (incl Zoo entry)

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