Welcome to Perth Zoo

It’s a race around Perth Zoo's jungles, savannah and bushland in this fun team adventure. Be the first to unlock the Zoomazing clues that will lead you to your next checkpoint.

Teams will need to strategise, communicate and cooperate as a cohesive pack to beat the clock (and each other) to reach the final checkpoint first. Teams can vie for extra survival points with bonus questions, puzzles and selfie challenges!

Zoomazing Race brings out the best qualities in everyone and, by the end of the day, participants will know the strengths of their colleagues and how to combine them to work together better.

Play at your own risk!

In Short

Works best: as a brain-break in a full day of corporate training/conferencing, paired at the start/end of a half-day booking or anytime during a corporate picnic.

Team Size: Minimum of 10 people

Boost: Initiative utilisation, strategic thinking, effective communication and teamwork

Bonus: Learn about Zoo facts and conservation

Time Required: 1.5 hours

Cost: $75 per person (incl Zoo entry)

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