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Wild Wishes for Wildlife

Your wild wish today will help save wildlife tomorrow.
By gifting an e-card with a beautiful photo of a wildlife species at Perth Zoo, you’ll be sending someone in your life a heartfelt message, while empowering a future where wildlife and people thrive together.
Your generous donation made on behalf of someone special in your life will help save wildlife at Perth Zoo and in the wild.
Thank you for your caring support.

Choose your Wild Wish e-card below and send today!

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How Wild Wishes work
  1. Choose your Wild Wish e-card.

  2. Choose your donation amount.
    • Select the amount of the donation you are making on behalf of your special recipient.

  3. Personalise your gift and add a special message.
    • Enter your details, your giftee’s details and add your own special message.

  4. Send your Wild Wish. 
    • You can choose to send your Wild Wish e-card straight away or schedule it to be sent on a particular day and time.
Why send a Wild Wish e-card

+ Be eco-friendly

+ Make an impact

+ Don’t forget a special occasion

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