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Zoorassic Park

They're back!

Perth Zoo turned a whopping 120 this year and to celebrate the dinosaurs of Zoorassic Park are back!

Just as our living Zoo changes, these prehistoric creatures will be changing too. Use the discovery trail to record the creatures you spot on your travels. Be sure to visit regularly to see how these worlds evolve.

Prehistoric Megafauna - a Moving Beast

Evolution is tricky and unpredictable. But it’s always amazing. We’re gearing up for some mega additions to our Zoorassic Park line-up and we have a mammoth surprise in store.

Fast-forward from the time of the dinosaurs to a time where elephants and rhinos had woolly coats, cats had teeth like sabres and sloths were bigger than the average car. And who became the top predator once T-Rex and Velociraptor disappeared? Terror Birds did. C’mon, you need to see that!

Dino News

  • The dinosaurs have been breeding; check out the new T-family complete with about-to-hatch eggs and three horns have become six – guess who?
  • Stand very still when you see the beady-eyed Velociraptor. Seriously… Don’t even breathe.
  • Ankylosaurus has a rock-hard hammer on the end of its tail. Eat your heart out, Thor.
  • Apatosaurus - so big it had to evolve hollow bones to stop it sinking into the Jurassic mud.
  • Edmontosaurus – mouth like a duck, chewed-like a boss. This dino had manners.


  • A whopping great Mammoth pair have found a shady spot to pass an Australian summer.
  • Compare the enormous Sabre-toothed Cat with the modern regular-toothed versions.
  • Hands up who thought sloths were little fellas? Check out this enormous guy!
  • Fast. Deadly. Razors for feet. Admit it. We had you at Terror Bird


9:30am - 3:00pm

Little palaeontologists will have a dino-riffic time at our bespoke playleozone.

They can get hands on, uncovering dinosaur fossils hidden in our special digging pits, or get creative with cool dinosaur colouring-ins!

Museum in a Container

4 - 20 January | 9:30am - 3:00pm

You can find the Museum in a Container near the Playleozone.

Colour in a dinosaur, scan it and watch it come to life! Discover fossils and check out some of Australia’s very own dinosaurs!




Upcoming dates
Saturday, 15 September, 2018 - 09:00 to Sunday, 3 February, 2019 - 17:00
Entry Fee
Not Included