Perth Zoo celebrates the birth of 11 Numbat joeys!

Check out the video below for an exclusive first look at a few of the Numbat joeys with their mums.

The Numbat mums and bubs are doing well and are already extremely adorable (we might be biased). But the importance of these Numbat joeys goes beyond the cute and fuzzy.

When you hear the word ‘endangered’ the Numbat probably isn’t the first species to pop to mind. But this bushy-tailed marsupial is now so rare there are approximately only 1,000 left in the wild.

Perth Zoo is the only Zoo in the world that breeds Numbats. And when they’re about one year of age, they’re released into the wild  to help bolster natural populations. Saving wildlife isn’t just our slogan, it’s what we do.

Since 1993, Perth Zoo has released over 225 Zoo bred Numbats, and we’ve had reports of the females finding boyfriends and having joeys  - and so the circle of life continues.

Want to save wildlife together? Find out how you can help Perth Zoo save the Numbat