It’s Dad’s Day, so we thought we would introduce you to some of the fabulous fathers in the animal kingdom!

Golden Lion Tamarins

Golden Lion Tamarins usually give birth to twins so the males will do their best to contribute to the raising of their young. They’ll help to carry their little one’s on their back almost 24/7 and will hand them over to mum every few hours for a feed. The youngsters will be carried around on dads back until they’re around six or seven weeks old. Talk about the ultimate dad piggy-back!

African Painted Dog

When it comes to putting food on the table, the African Painted Dog’s hunting prowess helps put them on the list of fabulous animal kingdom fathers. Choosing not to leave the pup feeding to the alpha female, the dad (and entire pack) will help feed the youngsters by pre-chewing food then regurgitating it for them to eat. This takes making homemade baby food to a whole new level! 


Meet the single dad of the animal kingdom. Once a female has laid her eggs (usually between 5-15 eggs!) she will abandon the eggs and male, leaving it up to the single dad to incubate the eggs for eight weeks. During this time, the dedicated dad will not budge from the nest – not even for a toilet break or food! Once his fuzzy feathered chicks are born, they will stay with him for up to six months as he teaches them everything they need to know to survive.

Little Penguins

They might be small in stature, but the Little Penguins are big when it comes to sharing the parental load. Not only do the parents-to-be take it in turns incubating eggs for around 35 days, but the male will also help the female out with housework by helping to build and maintain the burrow! 

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