How much do you really know about these rust-coloured tree-dwellers?

Trust us, there’s a lot more to the Nepalese Red Panda than just an adorable face. 
Panda paws are a little unusual
A Red Panda’s paws are completely covered in fur – even underneath! Instead of pads made from tough skin like other animals, a Red Panda has fur covering its soles.
This helps provide extra insulation to keep them warm and adds extra grip for climbing branches.


They have thumbs - but pseudo, not opposable
Red Pandas also have a hidden ‘pretend’ thumb which helps with climbing and helps them grasp bamboo to munch on! 
True tree acrobats
Spending most of their time up in the treetops, Red Pandas certainly aren’t afraid of heights! They are incredibly agile and can jump and climb comfortably through branches, and will find tree branches to rest on. 

Tails double as blankets
Turns out those long fluffy tails are as warm as they look! During chillier weather, they’ll wrap their tails around themselves as a blanket to stay warm.  The tail can stretch out to be between 18-50cm long - perfect for them to snuggle into.
We help employe panda protectors
Did you know you’ve helped us employ panda protectors in Nepal?

Since 2017, thanks to your community donations, we’ve provided support to the Red Panda Network – an organisation that carries out vital conservation work ain the field!
We help fund a crucial program which empowers local farmers and villagers to protect Red Pandas in the wild. Eighty-one Forest Guardians monitor more than 1,270km of Red Panda habitat in eastern and western Nepal. 

This monitoring activity provides insight into the wild populations and the impacts of natural threats, as well as the impact of human activity through deforestation, snares and conventional livestock grazing.
Bonus fact!
We are proud to be part of the regionally coordinated program for the species, and since 1997 we’ve successfully brought 19 endangered Nepalese Red Pandas in the world.

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