Perth Zoo is saddened by the passing of ‘Setia’, a female Sumatran Tiger, who died yesterday.

Setia underwent a health check under general anaesthetic at the Zoo’s veterinary hospital and during the examination lumps were discovered in her abdomen, which proved to be an aggressive cancer.

There was no viable treatment options and Perth Zoo’s experienced vets made the sad but humane decision to euthanase her.

Setia was 16 years old. It is not uncommon for older animals to develop cancer and other age-related health problems.

Setia was born at Perth Zoo on 14 September 2000 and produced four cubs during her lifetime. One of her cubs, Jaya, remains at Perth Zoo and another of her offspring, Melati, recently gave birth to cubs at London Zoo.

Setia’s contribution to the global breeding program for the critically endangered Sumatran Tiger was significant, and she was a wonderful ambassador for her species. There is believed to be only around 400 Sumatran Tigers remaining in the wild today.

Those wishing to mark the passing of Setia are asked to consider a donation to Perth Zoo in lieu of flowers. Donations will go to protect Sumatran Tiger habitat in Sumatra, Indonesia.