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The perfect conservation-conscious gift that helps save African wildlife. Turning survival threat into a survival booster! Authentic African jewellery made from confiscated snare-traps.

SnareWare is hand-made jewellery and homewares repurposed from the wire of snare traps confiscated from wild Africa. Every SnareWare item sold provides an alternative living for Zimbawean locals and a unique (and far better) use of snare wire.

Without a steady source of income, hungry locals turn to poached ‘bush-meat’ in and around Africa’s wildlife rich National Parks to feed their families but the snare traps also catch Painted Dogs and other endangered animals that pass by - even elephants. The snares tangle around their leg or necks and lead to horrific injuries or death.

Each year, anti-poaching patrols collect up the freshly laid snares in their thousands and organisations like Iganyana Arts in Dete (Zimbawean) provide the equipment and training so that locals can earn income from works of art that reflect their culture instead of from bush-meat.

Perth Zoo sources our SnareWare products directly from Iganyana Arts and every item you buy helps the people of Dete live sustainably—which is good news for them and fantastic news for the wildlife you will help survive! You can purchase SnareWare from Perth Zoo's shop Zoonique.


SnareWare is a partner project between Perth Zoo and Painted Dog Conservation Inc – a non-profit organisation established to provide support for conservation projects in Zimbabwe, Zambia and Namibia.

To find out more or become a member of Painted Dog Conservation visit their website.

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