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Donations saved our Sun Bears. Give today and you can help save many more. 

Perth Zoo’s Sun Bears, Jamran and Bopha, were rescued in Cambodia and came to Perth as cubs in 2007. Both still live with the trauma they suffered at the hands of illegal poachers, but through intensive work by the Zoo’s veterinary and keeping teams they have been provided with a quality of life. Today, Jamran and Bopha are 22 and 20 years old respectively.

All donations $2 or more are tax deductible and every dollar goes towards saving wildlife. 
Thank you.


Saving wildlife, together

The way we care for one another, and protect our environment, ultimately affects the wellbeing of us all. 

Your donation helps Perth Zoo to: 
  • feed and care for the animals.
  • ‚Äčtreat and nurse sick and injured wildlife including hundreds of wild black cockatoos and marine turtles.
  • employ passionate and dedicated staff who are committed to looking after the Zoo for you.
  • fund our breeding programs which are aimed at fighting species extinction.
  • work beyond our borders with partners to help wild animals in wild places.
Perth Zoo’s native breed-for-release programs are giving some of Australia's endangered species, such as the Dibbler, Numbat and Western Swamp Tortoise, a fighting chance to thrive. But our conservation work extends well beyond our gates.
Your donation towards Conservation in the Wild will have a direct impact on at-risk animals in their natural habitat by:
  • safely putting teams at the forefront of conservation. 
  • providing resources to ensure the safety,  welfare, and care of animals.
  • building infrastructure to maintain              conservation operations and improve        habitats.
  • mobilising anti-poaching units.
  • providing community education to change attitudes and adopt ethical behaviour and even turn wildlife hunters into protectors!
Perth Zoo is a world leading conservation zoo, but it is vital that we don’t stand still. That’s why we've developed this master plan to create your future zoo, a zoo that moves with you. A donation towards Future Zoo will help create more magical wildlife moments for you while giving our animal ambassadors more room to roam. Learn more about Future Zoo and how your donation helps.Graphic of proposed new orangutan jungle

Other ways to support Perth Zoo

  • Leave a bequest – You can leave a legacy for generations to come by leaving a gift in your Will to Perth Zoo. Bequests are directed to areas of most need and help create a lasting impact. To gift a bequest to Perth Zoo, quote the Zoological Parks Authority ABN (12 249 686 526) in your Will.
  • Contact us – email savingwildlife@perthzoo.wa.gov.au or phone 08 9474 0444 and we can discuss your giving intentions with you.


100% of funds raised from the sale of Wild Art goes towards Saving Wildlife.


Forge an unbreakable bond with your favourite animal while contributing to wildlife conservation. 
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