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Vale Tricia 

Perth Zoo and the wider community mourn our beloved Asian Elephant, Tricia.

At 65-years-old, Tricia was one of the oldest elephants in the world, and while we knew the time to say goodbye was approaching, it’s still heart breaking.

Tricia was an icon of Western Australia. She was cheeky and loved sneaking up on people when she was out walking around the Zoo, and had everyone wrapped around her trunk!

Her impact on the millions of people who visited her over the years will certainly not be forgotten. Since her arrival at Perth Zoo in 1963, she has helped generations develop an appreciation for elephants and wildlife conservation.

In her honour, we have set up the Tricia Tribute to Conservation Fund. We kindly ask that in lieu of sending flowers to offer your condolences, please consider contributing so we can continue our vital conservation work and protect elephants in the wild.

This is a sad time for the Zoo family, but your love and support is greatly appreciated.

Words by Steve Edmunds, Senior Elephant Keeper

Where to begin? I want to say “it’s been an honour and a privilege” to have known Tricia – but that seems inadequate. You often hear actors and the like say that line talking about a movie or a director that they have worked with. Tricia was a truly incredible elephant and deserves much more.

I think that most people would agree that elephants are an amazing animal. Well, Tricia was a very special individual even among her species. Not only those who knew her believed this, elephant carers that had known many elephants also confirmed how special an elephant Tricia was. I have seen many people, over the years, break down in tears during behind-the-scenes experiences, absolutely overwhelmed by her presence.

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Keep Tricia's legacy alive

We are determined to keep Tricia's legacy alive. In her loving memory, we have created the Tricia Tribute to Conservation Fund and her legacy will live on through your contributions.

This fund will help us build an Elephant Ranger Guard Post in the Bukit Tigapuluh eco-system in Sumatra. It will provide accommodation for up to 16 elephant protectors to monitor one of the last remaining herds of wild Sumatran Elephants. Proceeds will also contribute to the conservation work of Perth Zoo and continuing care of Tricia’s 1,500 animal neighbours.

How elephants grieve

We are doing everything to support our other two elephants Permai and Putra Mas.

Like humans, elephants have a grieving process and Tricia’s loss will be hard for her elephant family. 

When elephants grieve it can involve touching, smelling, loud vocalisatations and even weeping. 

Thank you for allowing Permai and Putra Mas privacy to grieve. 


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